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JC Eisenmann Electrical Contractor has over 30 plus of expertise in all aspects of electrical contracting.  While JC Eisenmann operates as a one person business, I can provide you with a wide array of electrical services from emergency/repair work for your home to electrical wiring for bathroom, kitchen and basement renovations.  I have a great deal of experience at troubleshooting even the most challenging problems and then resolving them for you.  And no job is considered too small with JC Eisenmann Electrical Contractor, as will be there for you from replacing a single electrical switch that has quit working to replacing all the electrical devices in your home to have the latest tamper proof receptacles to be safer around your children.
Some of the electrical services I provide are as follows:
  • Troubleshooting and repairing electrical issues.
  • Replacement of receptacles, switches, light fixtures, and paddle fans.
  • Installation of new electrical circuits for existing and new equipment requiring more power.
  • Installation of new receptacles, switches, lights, and paddle fans.
  • Complete rewiring of bathrooms and kitchens during renovations.
  • New wiring as part of finishing a basement.
  • Hook up of appliances and equipment.
  • Correcting electrical issues on home inspection reports.
  • Upgrading electrical services and adding sub panels.
  • And many other electrical projects around your home.
JC Eisenmann can work on a time and material basis as often is the case with electrical repairs needing to be diagnosed before corrected, or can generally give you an estimate for your electrical projects as being a home owner myself, understand projects need to be planned for and budgeted before going ahead.  I offer free estimates as well as free advice so you can make as informed a decision as possible and feel comfortable with your decision.  Some of the charges that are often standard with service companies that come to your home are higher service/emergency repair calls or travel time to your home.  I do not charge for either of these, as you will have either been given an estimate for your project, or if working on a time and material basis, such as with a repair or smaller project, you will only be charge my hourly rate and material from the time I arrive at your home.
JC Eisenmann Electrical Contractor can be the right electrician for many of your electrical needs and can be contacted by a phone call at 609-240-1248 or email Jim@jceisenmann.com and we can discuss your needs and if I am the right electrician for them.  I will always be upfront with you and if I cannot assist you will be happy to refer to another electrician to help you if you wish.
James Eisenmann
Licensed Master Electrician, Owner and Founder

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